Manufacturers and Exporters of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

Model    ABP - 60,80,120,160
Brand    Vinayak Construction Equipments
Capacity 80TPH, 120TPH, 160TPH
Power 150 HP
Automation Grader Automatic
Phase Three Phase
Usage/Application Asphalt Plant, Road Construction
Fuel Diesel
Type High pressure, Fully automatic, modulating
Bag House Filter Reverse air flow type
Mixing Type Batch type Mixing Plant

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Manufacturer

We are one of the largest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant. We manufacturer this Asphalt Batch Mix plant by using the best quality materials and cutting edge technology. We offer Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, Batching Plant, Asphalt Batching etc. We delivers high quality Asphalt with suitable constancy. The capacity of Asphalt batch mix plant is to create hot mix asphalt. It mixes together combinations and bitumen to create the hot mix paving material.

The combinations here can be single sized or various grades of materials. Asphalt cement can be cutback asphalt, manufactured emulsion. We offer the premium quality Asphalt Batch Mix Plant, which are suitable for both short and long stretches of road construction works. Our offered range of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant is perfect when a huge amount of various mixes have to be made with exact proportioning and consistence blending. We have multipoint load cell weighing arrangement for all the constituents and designed to take care of the cumulative error alterations and deliver the best asphalt batch mix plant with total accuracy and reliability.

Asphalt Batch Mix Plant in India

We have a versatile plant that delivers the accurate production requirements with flawless efficiency. We also offer customized solutions as per the various configurations given by the customers in promise time frame. We offer this Asphalt Batch Mix Plant at the most affordable prices.

    Featurese of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant :

  • Unmatched & Worldwide acceptable technology
  • Optimum fuel efficiency
  • Easy to establish (Erection & Commissioning)
  • Environment friendly
  • High production rate
  • Wide duct to slow down air velocity
  • PLC based controlled
  • Easy lubricating and dismantling
  • Convenient maintenance and repair
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The Asphalt Batch Mix Plant Consists Of

asphalt components

Cold Feeder Unit:

We offer MS plate hopper body, Auxiliary conveyor with AC/DC variable speed drive under each bin, load cell provided at discharge end of collecting conveyor. Each hopper is equipped with an adjustable opening door.

Bitumen Tank:

Fitted with internal heat transfer coil. Available in various configurations and types, heated by thermal oil with automatic temperature adjustment. Suitable valves to control the charge, transfer and discharge of bitumen.

asphalt components
asphalt components

Thermo Drum:

Also known as Dryer cum Mixing Unit. It is a long rotating cylindrical drum manufactured from an abrasive resistant mild steel plate. It has three rollers mounted in thrust beatings that support the guide ring. There are stages in the drum like preheating, heating, mixing Zone. That helps the aggregate and bitumen to heat and mix uniformly. The fins in the dryer unit are specially designed to get maximum heat efficiency that is to say minimum heat loss.

Control System:

We offer computerised control for burner, temperature, damper, emergency plant shut down etc. The display shows production TPH, Asphalt TPH and mix temperature. All controls are mounted on a centralised control panel inside the control room.

asphalt components
asphalt components

Mineral Filler:

Mineral fillers consist of divided mineral matter like rock, dust, slag dust, hydraulic cement, fly ash, etc.Mineral Filler are used in asphalt mixtures consists of fine grained mineral particles. Mineral filler plays an important role in asphalt mixtures because they fill voids in paving mix and improve the cohesion of asphalt binder.

Optional - Storage Silo:

A storage silo is used to storing bulk materials. The level of insulation required is mainly dependent on the corporeal location of the store and the level of throughput. In most silos, gravity causes grain to flow from the top of the silo and out through an opening at the bottom near the centre.

asphalt components